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Bene Gesserit Sisterhood


One of the mental-physical training orders that were created in response to the removal of the machine culture after the Butlerian Jihad, the Bene Gesserits have a long history of manipulation of the factions of the Imperium in order to achieve their hidden goal. Dedicated to intensive training of mind and body utilizing the bindu nervature and prani musculature, this level of control has given the Bene Gesserit many semi-mystical abilities. First and foremost of these is the Voice, the ability through stress control and impulse manipulation to override individuals self-control through voice commands. They also are known for their role as philosophical and spiritual advisors to the nobility; a reverend mother stands at the right side of the Emperor to act as his Truthsayer.

Few know of the Bene Gesseritís hidden goal, the creation of the Kwisatz Haderach that they intend to control for their own benefit. A being whose perceptions span space and time, the Bene Gesserit hope that they can bring about this demigod through an extensive breeding program involving all of the Great Houses. They are more surprised than any when their Kwisatz Haderach arises a generation before they expected from the halls of House Atreides.


The Bene Gesserit Order prefers to remain neutral in most matters, sending their Advisors to render their wisdom to all those who ask. This of course ensures that along the way the interests of the Sisterhood are served. In their guise of neutrality, the Bene Gesserit Order has avoided creating a standing fleet.
That being said, the Bene Gesserit would have little difficulty fielding a fleet if they so desired, indeed in the far future of Dune they ally with the Mentat Bashar Miles Teg to do just that. In the Tenth Millenium time frame of the prequels and first three Dune books the Bene Gesserit would most likely utilize proxies if the need for a fleet was established. Assume that the fleet in question is actually a Minor House fleet, and build them accordingly: no special ships, and they may purchase Generic, Ixian and Richese ship designs. A Minor House influenced by the Bene Gesserit generally utilizes attrition units such as Fighters and LCV Cutters to protect the larger capital ships from harm. This ensures the protection of both the Bene Gesserit sister and the genetic lineage of the lords of said Minor House.

The Order does have its own fleets for special functions. The Protectiva Missionary Transport is a large capital ship designed to protect the propagandists of the Sisterhood as they ready the galaxy for the coming of the Kwasitz Haderach. Their diplomatic couriers are ubiquitous througout the Million Worlds, and hide their more covert vessels, the Gom Jabbar Assassin Corvettes.

Bene Gesserit unique elite characters include the Reverend Mother, Truthsayer, and Bene Gesserit Advisor.

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