Ships of the Fleet 

Last Updated June 13, 2003
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Bintari/K'Thonn Saga

Bintari Federation  
Ship Name
SCS Ver.
Kudronni Mothership Enormous Unit 2062 1500 PDF v1
Thantalus Heavy Cruiser Capital Ship 2059 725 PDF v1
Iliad Strike Destroyer [Beta] Heavy Combat Vessel 2056 460 PDF v2
Tymbrimi Missile Cruiser Capital Ship 2055 750 PDF v2
Kaloria Missile Tender Capital Ship 2054 375 PDF v2
Rogatha Escort Frigate Medium Ship 2044 350 PDF v1
Iliad Strike Destroyer [Alpha] Heavy Combat Vessel 2042 400 PDF v3
Alinia System Defender Light Combat Vessel 2036 160 PDF v5
Shantor Scout Heavy Combat Vessel 2031 450 PDF v5
Thantalus Technology Cruiser Capital Ship 2017 650 PDF v3
Hishkok Missile Destroyer Heavy Combat Vessel 2014 500 PDF v1
Hishoch Warship Heavy Combat Vessel 2010 400 PDF v5
Klavidia System Monitor Heavy Combat Vessel 1989 425 PDF v2
Ven'han Industrial Cutter Light Combat Vessel 1984 80 PDF v1
Kasom Mining Rig Heavy Combat Vessel 1982 175 PDF v1
Tahbon Mining Base Capital Base 1980 380 PDF v1

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